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We offer, Advertising & Promotion Solutions, Photography,  Video Production & In House Promotions, Workshops, Training, Graphic Design & Website Development.


Professional Photographers do not and will not take a photograph, "They create it" They control what is or isn't in a shot, how it will look, feel and the story it will tell. The artist will control the lighting, effects and the final results. If they are hired to do a job they won't take one photo one way and say we are done now.

Professional photographers will in fact use several different lighting scenarios, poses, backgrounds, lenses, settings, light diffusers, reflectors and soft boxes or modifiers because that is their job. To create a perfect shot and deliver something that can not be duplicated with cell phones and cheap equipment by an amateur.

Our Story:

After years of doing graphic design, advertising and promotions, I graduated from a photography course at SAIT in Calgary, I opened my own studio. This endeavor has afforded me the experience and the expertise needed for the professional services I offer. Once you have the fever the passion always burns in your heart. I still have that desire!

Hi my name is Gary Pitcher and I have been working in promotions & advertising since 1980. I am a professional photographer, for the past 10 years a videographer. I design Word Press websites and have over 25 years experience in doing graphic design. I offer a number of freelance services.

On our website you will find a extensive and detailed account of my / our work and services. I sometimes work alone but often use a copyright editors, assistants, models and interns as required. Sometimes I will even call an extra professional photographer,  videographer or one of my students to help on a shoot if I believe it  will improve the quality of the final product.

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