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You be the judge but when it comes to advertising & promotions I have done my best to learn and expose myself to every example I possibly could which includes research and testing. Every ad I have ever run for a company that I owned or ran was tracked for results which means unlike most corporate advertisers, I know what works and what doesn't and that alone could save big or small businesses lots of money each year! I am confident I could run any contest, promotion or advertising you are interested in and that I may be able to save you some money in execution or suggest smaller projects that will enhance your results.





  • Pop up pull apart style loto tickets for discounts and prizes
  • We ordered in paper/cardboard cups where you could win a free shooter, hi-ball or beer.
  • We presented our version of the price is right and other game shows.
  • We had trivia contests.
  • I've done gift card give away's
  • Certain contests were strictly advertised on a website so if you didn't go to our website you couldn't enter.
  • Free bar tabs.
  • Dinners for two.
  • Free limo service
  • Free ball caps and all kinds of promotional items
  • Hotel accommodations.
  • Hockey & concert tickets.
  • Free records.
  • Free memberships.
  • Cash give away's
  • Bill payment contests.
  • Back stage passes.
  • Meet & greet the bands.
  • We had draws for signed stuff we got from band members.
  • We gave away signage and promo items from the  liquor reps gave the bars.
  • W e had open mike nights.
  • We gave away a couple of cruises.
  • We had loyalty points and air miles contests.
  • We had a Mime contest once...  (I'll admit the mime contest was the quietest contests ever).
  • Lip Sync contests.
  • We did pajama parties.
  • Toga Parties.
  • Beach Parties.
  • Wet T-Shirt Contests.
  • Treasure hunts.
  • Team building events.
  • Pool or 8 & 9 Ball Tournaments.
  • Dart Tournaments.
  • Bowling Tournaments.
  • Baseball Tournaments.
  • Shopping sprees.
  • New Years Gala's.
  • Divorcee parties.
  • Beauty contests.
  • Murder mysteries.
  • Quiz shows.
  • Talent shows.
  • We hired male strippers.
  • Female strippers.
  • Comics.
  • We had singing contests.
  • Live bands.
  • Jam sessions,
  • Free Pool,
  • Mid day movies & free popcorn
  • Showed all sporting events
  • We had give away's.
  • Guest DJ's.
  • We gave away a diamond ring every week!
  • We worked with radio stations and travel agents to give away vacations.
  • That is the short list, what I could remember of the top of my head.

With my limousine company I made several package for everything, worked out the details and everything was included (usually). I had bar hopping packages dinner packages, concert and sport packages. Shopping adventures, team building, kids birthdays, wedding and grad packages, sight seeing and out of town packages and much more.

With out of town trips meals & hotels were included as was horse back riding, golf, dog sledding, helicopter tours, river rafting or anything else we offered. We knew we would get ours share of local business so we pushed for the big bucks in the out of town all day or several day excursions.


I have owned a taxi company with roof top signs, I did sell rooftop advertising and although I wouldn't own another taxi company... I'd own  a company that sold rooftop advertising again in a heartbeat! You didn't need to sell the advertising people would find you and ask how much... It was that easy! Every business is interested in a lit moving billboard that moves around town 24/7/365


Here is a few things I've done just off the top of my head...

  • Radio Advertising - Very low to no results for what I was doing.
  • Local Magazines - I received one call directly related to these ads. That includes several ads over time. Most were for a good cause so I kept supporting them anyways.
  •  Donations to charity Events, Good PR, no real results, BRAND BUILDING.
  •  I have pulled and cashed in on some publicity stunts which landed me on TV in the news or a huge photo on the front page of the newspaper wearing my company jacket so everyone could see my company name,  phone # and website address. (HUGE RESPONSE) Nothing illegal!
  • I have spent thousands a month on phone book display ads, it was profitable 15 years ago, now worthless. If anything I'd do on line ads with yellow pages but even that is questionable.
  • I love cheap promo items with advertising - results (unbelievable results). I guess that's why all the big corporations use them.
  • I gave away key chains - still getting calls 5 years later paid off 1000%
  • I gave away base ball hats and t shirts and let others be a walking billboard for me. Excellent source of advertising! If you want to maximize these results give away t-shirts at an event! 
  • We had company jackets - worked better than advertising on a vehicles. Every time I went for coffee or to the store someone approached me about my service.
  • I gave away pens that got passed from one person to another, great branding.
  • I gave away branded match books & lighters to smokers (worked well)
  • I had advertising on my front licence plates and had more made that I gave away,
  • I had advertising in the rear window on every vehicle and the phones rang more when the drivers hit the streets every time.I gave away fridge magnets and they worked pretty good
  • I had additional advertising on the doors of my taxi's, taxi's are the best moving billboard you will ever see!
  • I use my private trucks for company business and needless to say they were decked out in advertising too.
  • I have done flyers - low return hard work distributing them
  • Menu's for restaurants - everybody ordered from them.
  • Table Toppers for the bars & restaurants PS this doesn't only work for the bars, if business is slow have some made and ask a bar manages if you can pay him to make sure your ads are placed at every table for a month!
  • I've designed and sold advertising for restaurant place mats and provided them to restaurants free of charge.
  • I have had beer coasters made with advertising and gave thousands away FREE to the bars. They slide one under every drink at the bar... Hey, what's this, I've never heard of that company before... works well!
  • Websites - are a very important sales tool you wouldn't believe how many people visit a website before even considering doing business with you!
  • Blogs, high rankings, good means of advertising, and you can create a following. By sharing each post across social media from your website the back links to your site that get created are unbelievable and valuable too.
  • Posters, worked well
  • Passed out tens of thousands of business cards, this paid off!
  • Social media, with the right material can be good but, it's not as good for sharing as it once was.
  • Online ads, they work but you can also waste a lot of money if you don't know what you are doing!
  • You Tube, works good but works better if you can create a following.
  • One thing I can say about being a dj is having a amplified mike and a captive audience can be a powerful way of promoting anything! Let's say you have a flower shop, business is slow so on Friday night you go to a few clubs and pay the dj $20.00 to announce your business... Do you think he will say no? No he won't, nobody tips the dj. Try selling roses in the bar and ask the dj to also mention the physical location of your shop.
  • Be creative! If you are a photographer try offering to take photos of couples in the bar, $5.00 or $10.00 each and have the dj announce it 5 bars later you have reached and engaged more people than you would with a radio commercial and made money at the same time!
  • Taxi roof top advertising - The best advertising I've ever done!
  • When I started my limo company - I had some stylish but conservative t-shirts made that said "The Unbelievable Girls" on the front and Unbelievable Limousines on the back with my phone # + Website. I called my friend and offered her a free girls night  / out pub crawl in my limo. 14 of them wore the t-shirts and I drove them from bar to bar for 2 nights passing out business cards and key chains with my advertising on it. When they entered the bar it was like they were invading it.  It worked like magic, it cost me $150 for gas 2 nights of my time, $200 for T-Shirts and gave me most of the next 2 or 3 months bookings. It kick started my company!
  • You name it... I've probably thought about it or tried it at one time or another.

Below is an old ad I had made for my limo company if you wish to check it out.


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