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The Hair Stylist... (Tips on improving your game your game).

Hum... Do you suppose anyone without a lot of money or backing woke up one day and said I want to be the best stylist, have the best salon or cater to at stars and succeeded without working for it? (Not likely).

There are times working on a commercial shoot where the budget would allow for an actual hair stylist and in many cases if a photographer wanted to pass on the costs to a client they could be included in fashion shoots, boudoir, artistic nudes, and many other types of portraits including weddings.

Since unlike most people I hardly ever use the same hair dresser personally it makes it hard to know who to hire if i did need someone to do a great job in this field. Someone creative and not just someone who admires the work of others but is afraid to take any risks.

When you walk into a hair dresser you will find many products all with professional high fashion models on the bottle labels and fashion / hair magazines scattered on a coffee table all featuring hair styles that you are not likely ever going to see in that salon, in fact most of these places produce the most hum drum styles you will ever see, safe and boring!

Now let's talk about you... When you were first interested in the profession were you interested in exploring and creating or were you just interested in just getting a job and making a living or having a average salon like everyone else's. Why wouldn't you want to be creative and go out of your comfort zone and try new exciting things?

Here's what we can do for you!

If you are just starting out we can provide you with the chance to build a portfolio that will help you land that first job or the job you really want this will even work for an experienced hairdresser that has been stuck in a rut. We will introduce you to the world via our You Tube ChannelĀ  and although we won't be able to pay you we can provide both prints and digital images of you work and you won't need to pay a photographer to get them. We help each other out and work together.

If you own the salon - Why pay for magazines that feature other peoples work when you could produce a few albums of your own creations, Hair styles you could sell and charge a premium for?

Why not allow us to make a promo video for you which you could loop and run non stop in your shop featuring your stylists and styles? Your own private promo video promoting your business running 24/7 in your business would make the investment into a flat screen TV well worth it!

Why not set your self apart from all the others if all it's going to cost you is a bit of time and if it could land you some future paid work?


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Make up Artists:

There are good one, bad ones and great ones.... Being a male I don't stand a chance getting to know you by walking into a shop and using your services but the same is true you could be needed on a commercial shoot and your services could be billed into many of our portrait sessions and weddings, if we had someone we knew and trusted their work.

Working with us when we are being creative doing (portfolio work) is a great way we can help each other out. Face it make up artists are a dime a dozen and what makes you stand out from the rest. Have you been featured or credited on anybody's You Tube channel besides your own? Wouldn't it be nice to have prints for a portfolio and video clips for your website to promote your work?

Wouldn't it be nice to show off your talent to someone who could not only hire you from time to time but also who could send you many referrals?

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