You can be be a star!

All future photo shoots will be video taped and most videos will be edited then uploaded to You Tube including featured shots taken that day. As a model no matter how much experience you have it's another way of getting exposure and showing future clients what you can offer. It's also a great way to showcase your experience as you grow as a model. You could also be used for several different photo shoots and concept photography if things work out. My goal is to work with open minded people. (Willing to try new things) and be as creative as I can be as an artist! I have several projects I am working on and want to develop.

When it comes to models some people go all the way and make the big bucks and some don't. Until they try everyone is equal... (like popcorn in a kettle) some pop and some don't. The Camera naturally loves some people and I have seen very pretty girls take many crappy photos and extremely average girls and guys shine like you wouldn't believe.

Let's face the facts, there are several levels of models and modeling. I had models that were paid and some who just wanted experience and modeled because that's what they enjoyed. I didn't mind because these photo shoots were very casual and relaxing. I know a young lady (Madison) and by the time she was 10 years old she was signed by Ford Models, most people are not as lucky. She was is exceptional young lady. Her and her mom are both good friends of mine.

Google: Madison Lindstrom, to learn more about her accomplishments she is and always has been a very impressive and down to earth young lady. You would not believe what this person has done at such a young age.


What's the story???

I need some people (Both male & female) young & attractive to help build my portfolio. I also need people to help on photo shoots and maybe even learn photography or videography, we can help each other out. I can donate time and equipment but valuable models also offer their services at future dates in exchange, it's a trade off and in exchange you receive great photos, You Tube exposure, and a chance to get hired in the future for paid assignments.

If you just want to try modeling and build a portfolio or just get some nice photos done. There is no need to waist thousands of dollars as explained above we can work something out that has value for both of us. I also need experienced models to work with me for my workshops and this would be a paid job based on your level of experience. I will need  experienced  models to work on corporate jobs.. so there is a good chance working with me could turn into a paid part time job. There is a good chance someone will contact you because they saw you on you tube and you will have a chance to work with other photographers as well. Pay for this type of modeling could be anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00 per day depending on the job and your experience.

Models for these jobs are picked by customer request, experience, past performance and of course attitude. Even customers and other photographers will know your attitude because it will show through on the You Tube videos.


Do not let suggestions below freak you out because when it comes to style everything can be optional as long as we have options, we like to create different looks during a shoot. If you are creative enough you can create a outfit from newspaper, Christmas wrap, garbage bags, bubble wrap, tin foil, bits and pieces from the thrift store or even different shaped boxes you spray paint in advance and you can become your own stylist!  Could you build a skirt and crop top from lego blocks? That was a question because it would be cool but I don't know the answer... I believe it could be done!

Valuable Tip:

Sometimes unless you are looking for the latest fashion trend the thrift shop can be the best option for picking up cheap outfits. Red, Blue, White & Black are very good colors for a model shoot but lets not make these are only colors please.

You will be asked to bring several different changes of clothing for a model shoot. This may include but not be the same on every shoot... Jeans and a few tops, dress cloths and casual cloths, a swim suit, for guys a shirt & tie or suit and for women a sun dress and evening gown or wedding dress.


Bare in mind I don't have time to babysit and work at the same time so unless the parents are available and willing to be on location I can't work with anyone less than 16 years old. If the parents are available I can work with children as young as 5 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 will need their parents to have a face to face meeting in advance with me and their approval will be necessary. Models over the age of 18 might want to consider the facts... I do all types of photography including work that will be shown in galleries and maybe published in books or printed images (art work).

Next Steps...

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