Photo Tours

We will be looking at adding 1 day & 2 day photo tours as we travel for workshops. The areas and details will be posted as they are made available.

Extended photo vacations:

We tried to offer 7 & 10 day photo tours and frankly by the time you added up the costs involved in order to add value and include an action packed tour it was so expensive most people just couldn't afford it and it certainly wasn't going to be affordable for locals to enjoy and if we didn't price it this way there was zero profit involved for us. In fact in a lot of cases the tours would actually be costing us money.

Pretty silly if you ask me as we are nice people but we can't afford to work for free and give away luxury vacations too. The answer was logical and that was to offer photo workshops instead and provide several different options for each. I believe although there are extra costs involved the best way was to break the workshops into very affordable packages.

  1. A basic package which just covered our expenses yet made it affordable that the workshops were worth doing.
  2. The bronze package for people who don't like to travel in a convoy or drive in a strange place including transportation charging enough for the service that we could afford to offer the service.
  3. A silver package for those who don't wish to book their own hotel room so it includes the workshop, travel and hotel
  4. A gold package at a premium price which is pretty much all inclusive except airfare, taxes and alcohol. This is the package I originally started to create except it was too expensive for most.

How our workshops are set up...

True in the case of the Calgary Stampede workshop with all the gate fees and tickets costing almost $1,000 the gold package has some value but really a good portion of the cost in the gold package is convenience of having someone babysit you so you don't have to book things yourself and with most workshops the extra fees / ticket costs would not total anywhere this amount. It all comes down to personal preference and so we are still offering the package but making it profitable!

In the case of the holiday on horseback we did it a little different. we found a remote resort that basically offers everything and you can add a few options if you wish but we are treating it as though you are locals. It's up to you to go to the website and book your own vacation and we only charge if you wish to be part of the workshop, it's a set fee, it's very affordable and we believe it's going to be very awesome! We would like to setup more packages this way.

The third option is where we cover several areas over several days and includes lots of travel and lots of workshops the extra expenses in a case like this are gas, hotels (if you are not local), and maybe a few gate or entrance fees. We wouldn't be including massively expensive events because usually in most workshops it's about learning, the photography and building an awesome portfolio not the show & glitter. You can take in such things at home or book a few extra days and take in such events.

Workshops are available almost anywhere as long as we have enough people to make it worth while. We however will not promote photo tours where safety would be considered a risk either because of animals or conflicts. We will not consider a tour in a high crime area!

The very best way to select and design a tour they way you'd like to see it unfold is to be the first person to contact us about doing a photo tour / workshop because in most places we will offer several different tours based on demand. For example in Nova Scotia we may offer different tours depending on which area offers the best festivals and attractions at the time or for areas that are most requested.

It goes without saying the sleepy village of Peggy's Cove has to be included in any NS workshop because it's awesome and the most photographed lighthouse in North America and The Cabot Trail has to be included when ever we can because Cape Breton is so beautiful it can't be missed! The same is true of all tours regardless of where they are located, somethings are a must but there are several options that can make each workshop very unique.

Next Steps

Please contact us and we will start working on creating a tour personalized for you.