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I love, Video production! They say in the future most social media marketing and even learning will be done with video. It's fast, it's entertaining and some videos can be very creative. They can be muted, stopped, paused, restarted, liked, shared and watched over and over again.

Videos can go viral faster than any other form of media. They reach more people, spread a message faster and better than print ads / graphics ever will. Video has been proven as a winning form of advertising since the birth of television, how many years ago?

It has been tried, tested and proven but it's only been about 5 years or so, that video production has been affordable for the average business owner. Before that even the editing software was expensive.

During the 80's I worked in the Bar / Restaurant Industry. I was a DJ, and managed all of the entertainment and promotions. See  Advertising & Promotions page. That was the 80's with a lot less tools than businesses have to work with today.

Today I have 30 years doing graphic design, I have gone to college and taken photography, I have run a photography business and had my own studio. I have been producing and editing videos for about 10 years now, and I have a whole lot more business and life experience than I did then.


My experience and ability are in no way limited to the bar / restaurant business, the limousine / taxi business or any other business I have ever worked in. Give me a challenge to increase revenue in almost any retail / service business and I will find a way or most often several ways of doing just that, both inside and out side the establishment.

I have plenty ideas for retail, hotels, resorts, trades and services if you describe a business and chances are I've already given promotions for such a business some thought, but my ultimate dream business that I would like to do the marketing and advertising for would be a car dealership.


In addition prices could be added to this video as could interest rates and monthly payments.

Bar, Restaurant & Hotel Samples

There are 3 types of videos you can produce for a retail location.

  • The first being a semi permanent (changed every year). Longer than that they become tired and ineffective.
  • Quarterly, keeping things fresher
  • The third being monthly... If you change specials often and want to keep things fresh... Monthly videos could include some paid local advertising at the end of the video to help pay for the costs,


The third is the route I prefer, having a few local customers advertise at the end of the video reducing the costs and keep customers both informed & entertained!

If you own a Bar or Restaurant and choose option 3 you should be very happy because you also have a regular who is a plumber, carpenter, electrician, and several other small business owners that would love to advertise to your customers if so I will be your very best friend because, I can show you how this option can be so affordable, or even FREE.

I like to build a long standing relationship with my customers.

Once the production is done and final results produced how you share the video is limited only to you imagination.

The world is our playground & our studio.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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